2000 Honda Crv... Please Help!!!

12-06-2008, 03:46 PM
I posted back in Sept about the check engine light coming on. Here's the update:

I took the car down to a local mechanic. He replaced the spark plugs, distribution cap, fuel & air filter, "wires" and rotor. etc as part of the 100,000 miles engine tune-up. In addition, we had the timing belt replaced. The light then disappeared.

In addition, we have done a 100,000 miles transmission fluid and radiator fluid change. Regular oil changes are performed. I am not 100% sure but we usually do everything our local Jiffy Lube recommends once every 3000 miles, so we must have checked rear differential.

Here's the new "deal": Barely two months after the 100,000 miles tune-up, at less than 200 miles on, the engine light has come back on! A friend with a code reader told us that we were having multiple cylinder misfires. A local mechanic found that the spark plugs had moved out of position. He said he couldn't find them where they were supposed to be. It took him a while to find them and push them back in place. Is this serious? Did the mechanic who replaced the spark plugs screw up?

He cleared the codes after pushing back the spark plugs in place and asked me to drive the car and see if the light came back on. It ran OK for two days and the light came back yesterday.

Thanks for mentioning the valves. They have never been adjusted in this car. After browsing these forums, I realize that this could be the problem. I called our local dealer and the service rep told me that it might be something as "minor" as valve adjustment or something as "major" as replacing the cylinder head. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that we DO NOT HAVE!!!

!'m FREAKED OUT. We are completely clueless when it comes to automobiles and need some objective feedback. Are we looking at thousands of dollars' worth issues?

Please, please, please help. Has this happened to anyone else but had a happy ending?

12-07-2008, 02:07 AM
Get the valves adjusted ASAP and make sure that your mechanic used Honda spark plug wires, they cost a little more but they are worth the extra. They will most likely stay on the spark plugs better, they have to be pushed down until they almost feel like they snap on.

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