How to replace 2000 Alternator

12-02-2008, 06:34 PM
Car died and on checking the battery was good, so broke down and bought a $20 voltmeter and there was no juice coming from the alternator.


1) Check battery with car running and volt meter stayed at about 12 should go to just over 14.
2) Very light battery light was on in the dashboard, hard to see in daylight but was on. Remove the negative battery cable and get it safely out of the way.
3) To remove the alternator you work from below mainly and from above. Jack car up securely. Take right front wheel off. Remove plastic undercarriage protector. Remove oil filter. (only way i could get alternator out).
4) From below, loosen the nut near the oil filter, that secures the alternator to the engine. Remove the bolt that holds the wiring bracket. Snap open the black wiring door and remove bolt that holds wire on. Pull out the electircal plug, you might have to push in a little snap connector.
5) From above loosen the alternator adjuster bolt and the bolt that holds it on. Push the alternator towards the car to allow the belt to come off. Take the bolt right off and gently rotate the alternator down.
6) From below remove the nut holding the alternator on and push the bolt through and pull out the other side. Remove the alternator from below. Wiggle it a bit.

7) Install is pretty well the opposite, but I found it easiest to fit back on from the front tire location and push the bolt through to hold it on.
6) Gets pretty tight putting the adjusting bolt on, but can be done.

good luck.

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