The Better Buy? Rev 3 MR2 Turbo vs. AP1 S2000; 3S-GTE vs. F20C

12-01-2008, 04:49 PM
I've narrowed down which car I want to a MR2 Turbo, and a S2000. Now, I can't decide between the two and need some help. I also just wanted to get peoples opinions on both motors.

-I race drags, track, and occasional pulls on the street.
-Either of these cars will eventually be fully built street/track cars after I get out of college; I need good gas mileage for now

What I'm Looking for:
-Great Handling
-Engine Potential
-Would like 280-300 rwhp for the next few years (Wouldn't mind the little less power with the S2K)
-375+ rwhp after college

The MR2's I'm intersted in are the Rev 3's, they come with 245 bhp and the CT20B turbo. Therefore, it's power/weight ratio better than the S2K. Also, it's only a few steps from 300whp with the CT20B, not too mention I live right by KO Racing. My worries are with the age and reliability of the cars. Many have had numerous owners, been run into the ground, built, and have high mileage. Also, these cars being very tail happy seems like a hassle, especialy since I live in oregon and it's wet out 3/4 of the year.

As for the S2K, I love the looks, 9k redline, and 50/50 weight distribution. I would also plan on turboing it in a few years; the lack of power wouldn't bother me for now.

Please give a legit reason with your opinion. Also, I have driven and raced both, speed and handling wise they are very close. So Don't tell me one would smoke the other because built or stock it's a very close match. From my experience, the mr2 is quicker and modded really easily, but the backend can get sketchy sometimes; As for the S2000 I love it's balance, it's cornering is so predicatble and easy. Anyway let the debate begin!

01-03-2009, 02:42 AM
If you are still around I will give you my opinion. I own a S2k.

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