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Nav Needs new cd mag

11-28-2008, 11:53 AM
so i just bought my new 99 navigator from a police auction for a little under 5k and while figuring every little thing out and tinkering with it, i noticed the 6 cd changer no longer has a mag. when i contacted oemsound.com about which mag i should get i got two different answers. which one is right?

Cd Mag 1 (http://www.oemautosound.com/pc-95-40-lincoln-jacuar-cd-magazine-1998-to-2003.aspx)
Cd Mag 2 (http://www.oemautosound.com/pc-24-40-ford-lincoln-magazine-yl1f-18c833-ab.aspx)

thanks for any help!

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