Lock out tranny stuck.

11-22-2008, 05:29 PM
08 xB with 10500 miles on it. Runs fine but Idon't drive it that often, it's the wifes car. Other day I took it to run an errand and felt a distinct hold back when I let of the gas in D. It feels as if it is not kicking out of gear and it slows down real fast and doesn't seem to coast at all. At 50 MPH it tachs 1500 and that seems to fast because it should be doing 60 at 1500 RPM's.
or close to 60. Other than that it runs and drives fine. Took it to Scion and they had a tranny tech drive it with me and he agreed when you're doing say 50 mph and let of the gas it feels like it is dragging it's feet whfre the tranny should kick out and let it coast to save gas. It's like driving a straight shift in 3rd gear and not pushing in the clutch letting the engine slow you down.

The Tech is gong to do some research first and have me bring it in next week so he can hook up the computer and se if anything is stored. Tranny is run by a little box that talks with a comptuer and he said with it doing that the computer should have thrown an error coed and turned on the service engine light. Says if he can't put his finger on something definite he'll get with the Scion tech dept in Atlanta for a pow-wow.

Out of curiosity, . . someonw with a late model xB please drive 50 mph in D and see what your RPM's are, then drive 60 MPH and check the rpms and let me know what they are. Also, when you're doing 60 and let off the gas, where do the rpm's go? Way down to almost idle or drop just a little. Sure will help me and I'd appreciate your time.

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