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ABout the ESC lites and on and off

11-20-2008, 11:54 AM
I just got a 2yr old 06 tucson with ESC.... according to the manual it says when i turn the key the ESC and ESC off lites go on THEN off after a few seconds. which mine do... But it also says that when ESC is ON the esc lite will flicker to let you know its on... Mine doesnt do that. they just both stay off. BUT last nite i was driving then sat in neutral out front of my DTRs house for a 5 minutes or so. Then the ESC OFF lite came on out of the blue and stayed on ride home. of course after car was shut off and then restarted ESC OFF lite stayed off... while it was on, i hit the button to see if it would go off but it did not... I wonder if it is not functioning right. anyone here at all, know anything about this issue and what may be going on???
I guess what im asking is , that if the system is malfunctioning, how would i know? the lite isnt blinking or flickering to let me know its active and i couldnt turn it off when ESC OFF came on, and why it came on i dont know. i was sitting idle for 5 mins.

I GOT IT FIXED at the HYUNDAI SERVICE. It was The BRAKE SWITCH that was going on it. it shorts out i guess, they said. 2 almost 3 yrs old car and its going already??

nancy in PA.

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