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fuel problem

11-17-2008, 05:14 PM
93 eclipse 2.0 car sat for nearly 5 yrs. Tow yard picks it up off some property. My girlfriend in Florida gets a lean in progress letter about the car she sold 5 yrs ago!. Apparently she has been the regesterd or not owner all that time . Anyway, she goes to bail it out and finds out one of the workers there had been cranking the engine the day before and drained the battery. Yeah , thats what i said :banghead: .. Of all the stupid , idiotic things to do :banghead: ..Because of that i told her to tell them that now they can pull your tank and put a new pump in it , They probobly just cleaned the screen , i dont know . So they supposedly cleaned the tank. Then i couldnt exspress enough to make sure to change the fuel filter and blow that bad shit out of the fuel rail. Im thinking its to late and that 5 yr old crap is sitting at the injectors clogging up and restricting the flow because she says it will run ok if she taps on injectors when its running. shes been trying to get the fuel fiter off but its hard to get to . Any advice on that fuel filter and any other thoughts on what should have or will need to be done after sitting that long ? Thanks in advance for your help..

11-18-2008, 07:59 AM
Clean the fuel system, injectors, change the fuel filter and change the gas and see how it runs.

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