'09 Challenger Engineering Chat Session

11-17-2008, 03:05 PM
Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop by and invite you to the 2009 Dodge Challenger Engineering Q&A Event thatís taking place this Thursday, November 20th, at 5pm EST.

This is a great opportunity to pick the brains of the engineers responsible for the rebirth of the muscle legend. Visit the RedLetterDodge (http://www.redletterdodge.com/?pid=Forum&adid=ChallengerEvent) blog for more details. A link in the article will take you to the event site where you can register to participate. So start thinking about what youíd like to ask!

Once more, thatís the 2009 Dodge Challenger Engineering Q&A Event going on this Thursday, November 20th, from 5-7pm EST. Click here (http://www.redletterdodge.com/?pid=Forum&adid=ChallengerEvent) for the event details.

I will be around if you have any questions.


Dodge Online Dialogue Rep

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