85 lebaron gts not getting fuel

11-15-2008, 11:01 AM
i hate asking a question as my first post but here i go.

i recently picked up a 85 lebaron gts (i think it might be a mark cross t&c convertible due to the armrest)2.2L turbo from my brother on the condition i could get it running.well all in all the car is in pretty good shape the only problem with it is that its not getting fuel.we can start and idle the car by spraying starting fluid into to the air filter and it runs fine.
so the first guess was a clogged fuel filter,replaced it and still same problem.I thought it might be a fuse(my old toyota wouldn't start sometimes because the fuse was loose)I checked the fuse box by the steering column and don't see one for fuel pump,just for guages.

I pulled the seats and carpet most of the way out trying to find where the wire from the fuel pump enters the car to test it with a multimeter.can't find the wires still.

so my real question is: is there another fuse box inside the car or engine bay with the fuel pump relay in it? if so where?

p.s. the car has been sitting for a little while and sunk into the ground a bit so getting under isn't really that easy anymore.

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