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Truck stalls only when going up hill forwards

11-11-2008, 06:24 PM
Hello everyone, newbie here :smile:

I have a 96 Silverado, 4x4, 5.7 Vortec, 5spd man trans, with 240k mileage, which until this afternoon was running and driving great. It started up a little rough, which is abnormal for this truck, but smoothed out within a few minutes of warming up and idled normally as well as reved up with no missing. My driveway isn't really that steep but has a moderate incline and when I tried to drive out, the truck suddenly seems starved for fuel. It begins to stutter and wants to stall. However if i back out of the driveway these symptoms do not appear. The parking area of my drive way is fairly level and just big enough to drive the truck back and forth, which causes no apparent problems, but as soon as the front of the truck is higher than the back as I head up the incline of the drive way, it's all I can do to keep it running.
I have been reading through the forums here for a few hours at least and have not found anything like this posted. I did read through a ton of posts on fuel and sensor related problems though. Unfortunately I'm very tool limited,(no gauge to check fuel pressure) and living in the mountains in VA, I'm a bit concerned about trying to drive it into town to get codes via Autozone, don't want to be stranded on single lane mountain rd if I can help it. The check engine light is on, but has been on and off since I had it emissions tested last year ( will come on for a week or so then be off for weeks, or months before coming back on, was reporting low input on o2 sensor bank 2 when I had it checked last year), but till now has had no performance issues. Couldn't afford to replace them but was told by mechanic not to worry about it cause it was only emissions related an reseting the light kept it off long enough to pass test (was in TN at the time and trouble light on is auto fail).
My first thought was maybe the fuel filter (it's less than 2 yrs old) but the fact the truck seems unhindered while level as well as backing up the hill makes me wonder if debris would only cause a blockage when the front of the truck is elevated. If the fuel pump is going out, I think these symptoms would occur regardless of whether or not I was going forwards or backwards. So I'm wondering if these symptoms could be related to a specific sensor. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


j cAT
11-11-2008, 07:31 PM
well I'm sure you probably know that your fuel pump is most likely could be wires to pump relay for pump but you'll have to replace pump and cross your fingers thats it...

with no test gauges or the ability to test this will be your only recourse to the solution ...trial and error....on a vehicle with this much mileage you could spend 500.00 to replace all thats needed for reliable transportation..

11-11-2008, 09:41 PM
sounds like you have Ford-T edition of Silverado. they did not have a pump, gas was gravity fed from a tank positioned high on the rear seat, so they had to go uphill in reverse for fuel to go into the engine.
hey, just kidding. about your truck, not Ford-T.

11-15-2008, 09:35 PM
when was the fuelpump last replaced?

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