1990 wrangler turning over but not starting

11-10-2008, 04:27 PM
i started my 1990 2.5L wrangler it ran for about 10 seconds and moved about 5 feet outta the driveway and died..

when i tried to start it again the relays started clicking after i turned the key off. so i replaced them..

now i have no more clicking of the relays but also no spark or fuel to the engine...

ive had the coil tested and its good, and ive disconected the fuel lines and no gas came out when the key was turned.. could this all be because of the crank sensor?????

i know the crank sensor should be somewhere on the bottom end but i only see one sensor looking object near the bottom and its right behind the alternator but on the block.. is that the crank sensor?

any help would be greatly appriciated...

in confusionville, NJ

11-10-2008, 04:58 PM
cps is your timing. you need to get haynes manual and look where cps is because there moving them in diffirent position on all cars and truck. like my moms and dads pa was behind harmotic balancer now they put them somewhere else on moter. but haynes manul will tell you. it kinda sounds like you blowed the main relay or fuse.and if it is your cps it will not start at all. can you take a plug out and have someone turn it over and see if the spark is orange or blue? and it should be blue you said coils was tested and showed good. could be your ecm also.

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