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1991 1.8 eclips no spark

11-03-2008, 01:57 PM
This car was running just fine till i went to move it forward a few feet. Then just turned its self off and won't start. No spark is pressent. Checked out the distributor and by the book its ok. You put 12v to it and no spark. But huk up a D bat to it and get spark off 1.5 battery. Checked all fuses and are ok. Check engine light won't come on nore can I pull codes. It acts as if theres no power to computer.Where is the # 19 fuse the book said is the power soars to computer. It also is huked to the check engine light.
I had put the distributore back in car and nothing. I hear nuthing tyurn on as relays do. The motor does turn over and I can smell feul. but no spark present. All fuses are good under hood and dash. Could it be the computer or ?:smokin:

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