Help needed w/Passenger van - which is best for family of 7

10-29-2008, 06:49 PM
The family needs to get a new van.
We are expecting our 5th child and our current Honda Odyssey just won't fit with 3 children in car seats even though the van seats 7.

We would like to get the Dodge Sprinter 10 passenger van but it is out of our budget range.

So we are left with the Chev Express or Ford E350 van.

Which of the two is most reliable? We are thinking of model year 2005 as the best for price and mileage.

Our budget is for $15000 max.

We have read stories of the rollover problems with the 15 passenger models of both. We are considering the 12 seaters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Please don't just say Chev/Ford sucks because you don't like them. I'm beyond brand loyalty. I need a reliable vehicle to haul the family around.
We are a one vehicle family. We can't be having the vehicle in the shop regularly because we do need to go places.
I do use a scooter for work commuting so stay at home mom can take the kids where they need to go and do the home things.

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