Code P0030,P0101,P0121,P0172 & Carb Cleaner

10-21-2008, 09:09 PM
The car had codes P0030, P0101, P0121, and P0172. I took off the air cleaner which was slightly used. I reinstalled the air cleaner. I took a can of air and blew off any loose dust around the air cleaner. I took off the air cleaner and started the car. I took a can of carb cleaner and sprayed it into the throttle body. The vehicle would choke on the carb cleaner as the air valve would move as ordered by the computer. I would spray more carb cleaner and hoped the air valve and other components were cleaned by the carb cleaner. The check engine light did not turn off initially until the second or third start. Every now and then the engine hesistates just so slightly.

The vehicle is a 2004 model with 170,000 miles. I use Shell gasoline, change timing belts and synthetic oil.

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