The 2003 KIA RIO oil filter - could they make it any more inconvenient ?

10-17-2008, 05:24 PM
I just changed the oil in my daughter's "New" used 2003 RIO we just bought
for $3,500.

The filter is in back of the engine up toward the of THE most idiotic
places I have ever seen on a car !

You have to jack the front WAY UP (use jack stands to be safe!) to get under and
at the filter - then oil dribbles on your upper arm and shoulder while you turn the
filter off !

Then you can't get a filter wrench in there if it is hard to rotate.

The dipstick sure is a screwie thing - all double curved and such.

I hope that car designers have to service their own creations forever....
(when they go to Hell).


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