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I think my tranny is dying...

10-04-2008, 09:44 PM
I gotta take my baby in to get this checked out, but I figure its worth bringing it to my old stomping grounds first for good measure. Check out the vid and listen to the loud clanking that occurs as my revs drop.

*sorry for the nauseating rocking back and forth, but the sound comes most noticably when the car is in gear*

The climbing revs are rather soft in the audio, but the clanking is loud. Its actually a lot louder in the vid than it sounds while I'm in the car. I think the sound resonating off my garage door amplified it. Anyways, I don't have anybody handy to rev the engine for me while I'm under the car to locate the source, but I strongly suspect its coming from the transmission since no exhaust components are noticeably loose.

If the trans really is dying, I may use my humble savings to go ahead and swap my F23 for a C32A/A2 depending on pricing. If I get an A, I want to go FI, but I'll cross that brdge when I come to it.

Thanks for any confirmations/sugestions gang...

-00 Out

Click here to watch Rev-Clanking-1 (

This ne is louder cause I'm closer to the garage. I also figured out to put on the e-brake
Click here to watch Rev-Clanking-2 (

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