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91 corsica 2.2 4 cylinder wont start hot

10-02-2008, 04:07 PM
read the other threads my problem little different. when it won't start seen no gas was coming from part on top of carb. when i sprayed carb cleaner in while cranking started right up and gas sprayed out of that part and runs fine drive the car anywhere with out a problem...can anyone help???????don't think its any of the things mentioned because it runs and starts fine when i spray the cleaner the part on top of the carb shot? don't know the name of it but it sprays the gas...two wires to please:banghead:

10-05-2008, 05:41 AM
Use a pressure tester and make sure your getting fuel. The link is a picture of one. most parts stores sell them. If your pressure is normal use search on link and type in noid light. Check power to injector.
Normally its a bad fuel pump but a pressure regulator is built into the injector holder. Their is also a fuel pump relay available at scrapyards and some parts stores. If a friend has a chevy of this age try his if it starts buy a new one.
If you lay down beside the fuel tank I can here the fuel pump run. If it don't run use a DVOM or 12 volt test light and check for power to the pump if you have power buy a new pump. If you use a pin and put it into the wire to check voltage coat it with silicon.

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