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radiartor issues

09-27-2008, 07:46 PM
we have a 1993 ford enconoline mark III e-250. we had a new radiator put on around 2 years ago, SKU no. RR432338 we believe.

we now have a leak somewhere on the radiator or one of its hoses, but aren't sure.

does anyone know anything about if it's a one or two-piece radiator firstly? it appears that the back clips on the top are coming off (the silver line running across the top and bottom of the pic) but bc i'm unable to find any information on it, we're running blind, and myself and the rest of my family are several hundred miles from home at present.


09-28-2008, 02:21 AM
Welcome to Automotive Forums. Since you are several hundred miles from home put some stop leak in it. Don't put any Bar's leak or any other type of stop leak that comes in a liquid form in a can. It will plug up your radiator.
Get some Aluma-Seal. Put it in when the radiator is cold and top off with coolant. I have used this for over a 125,000 miles in my Escort with no problems. The radiator core on my Escort is smaller so it should work fine in your van. When you get home you can accurately diagnose the leak and fix it, but until then the Aluma-seal should do the job.

09-28-2008, 08:07 AM
Some radiator shops will put a new gasket on the top and recrimp the top.
I would either buy a new radiator and put in myself if I had the tools.
Pep Boys in my area have the best prices on new ones close to my cost when I had a shop and bought from a distributor. They also have a service shop and for this type of repair I would let them fix it if I didn't have the tools.
Any repair shop or independant can fix this for you. As I don't know bad the leak is I think the top plastic part of the tank is cracked. This is common the cost to put a new top is close to a new radiator. I've had this happen twice on my own vehicles. The shop I use quit repairing them.
If you are short on cash you could try stop leak or epoxy your parts store has.
A radiator is much cheaper than new head gaskets. Auto Zone or Advanced will order a new one for you and if you ask some body repairing a car may install it for cash or buy some tools and do it yourself.

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