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EGR Valve 1995 Crown Vic

09-22-2008, 04:58 AM
Hello everyone. I love this site, you guys have taught me alot about my cars and saved me some money and now I'm hoping you can do it again.

I just purchased a 1995 Crown Vic LX with 90K miles. It was driven mostly by an older couple who never went very far, almost no highway miles. It is a great car but I have a couple of questions. The CEL came on while I was driving on the highway and I had the code read at Autozone and the guy said it was an EGR code. I bought a new EGR valve and tried to get the old one off. I can't get to the bolts to remove it. I've read through alot of these posts and a couple people have given me a diagram about removing the intake manifold to get to it. This is not something I think I want to do. Is there a way to clean it without taking it off? Something to spray in it or poke through it? Someone else said to replace the DPFE sensor before the EGR valve because that is most likely the problem. I'm really confused.

My wife also says it has very "loose" steering. I've had an alignment done and it corrected the crooked steering wheel but she says it wants to "float away" from her. I thought it was just the way it was supposed to be. It has an air ride suspension. I've heard it might be ball joints, does this sound right? How would I know if it's ball joints? Any help is greatly appreciated.

1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6L V8


09-22-2008, 12:36 PM
I think your referring to the EGR passages under the intake snorkel. The easiest way to find out if they are plugged is to apply vacuum to the egr valve. If the engine runs really ruff and or stalls the passages are open, The EGR is working, and the DPFE might be at fault.

More than likely the idle will never change as these are really common for the passages to become plugged. If this is the case a new EGR valve will not solve the problem. The intake snorkel is not that difficult to remove. Once its off you will more than likely see the entire passage blocked. Stuff a rag into the hole to catch the large pieces and go to town with the carb spray and lightly scraping with a small screwdriver. Once its cleaned out install a new gasket put the snorkel back on and it should be good for another 100k.

09-22-2008, 07:53 PM
Ok, I'm still not understanding how I'm supposed to get down in there to see. There is only one vacuum line on top of the egr valve(small green hose) I don't have a vacuum to use either. It's code P0401 EGR Flow insufficient.

09-22-2008, 10:43 PM
I'm getting 17 mpg around town and not much better on the highway. I also have a hestitation when I stomp on it. The tires will squeal but not as much as I think they should. I don't have traction control and I don't think I have ABS. Will replacing plugs and wires help this? I am going to clean the MAF sensor and possibly replace the DPFE sensor. I don't have an owners manual, does this car have a cabin air filter? Do I need to worry about intake gaskets like the GM's?

09-22-2008, 10:51 PM
The piece that needs to be removed is in between the throttle body and the lower intake manifold. It is bolted to the lower intake with four bolts. It looks like a giant 90 degree elbow. I think ford considers it the upper intake.

The DPFE sensor looks at the difference in pressure when the EGR is commanded open. If it does not see a change in voltage than the PCM thinks the EGR is not opening. Three things can cause this. A bad EGR valve (unlikely), DPFE sensor (probable), Completely plugged EGR passages (very common). The only way to clean them is to remove the piece that the throttle body is bolted to. Once it is off you will see the plugged passages located under the gasket. It looks like a horseshoe shaped channel with three openings into the lower intake. The older 4.6 and the 2.5 liter are prone to this problem.

09-22-2008, 11:09 PM
I also have a hestitation when I stomp on it. Will replacing plugs and wires help this?

Can't hurt

I am going to clean the MAF sensor and possibly replace the DPFE sensor.
Cleaning the MAF is never a bad idea if it is dirty. You will see it if it is. Although the DPFE is probably it is rarely the problem. One thing I forgot to mention is to check the two hoses that go to the bottom of the sensor. If there cracked or burnt than that can also be the problem. More than likely the passages are blocked.

does this car have a cabin air filter? Do I need to worry about intake gaskets like the GM's?

No and no.

10-06-2008, 12:46 AM
You guys are great, Thanks alot. We cleaned out the EGR passage under the throttle body, boy was it nasty! Also replaced the original aluminum DPFE sensor. This has cleared the CEL, but now I have a power steering gear leak. OH MAN! I just got this car and already having to put money into it that I didn't expect. GRRR! :mad:

10-06-2008, 10:34 AM
Wasn't that bad was it! :)

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