97 2.0 crazy steering wheel vibration

09-16-2008, 06:36 PM
the steering wheel vibrates on this thing so crazy you would think it was going to fall off. Cannot figure out what is causing this. Does anybody have any ideas as to what the problem is?

09-26-2008, 01:48 AM
What have you done so far to try and correct it?

Possible cause:
Wheel balance
Alignment (tire wear)
CV (not likely, usually get a clicking noise when turning)
Wheel Bearings (not likely, causes more noise then vibration)

Have you tried a tire rotation? If its the alignment and the rear aren't badly worn and in better balance then the front, the vibration should go away or get better.

Does it do it all the time no matter what speed or is it at certain speed ranges?

09-26-2008, 11:35 AM
I have new tires, balanced, fresh alignment, new cv axles. the wheel shakes like crazy when you are sitting at a stop sign in gear, or just idling in park. Not noticeable when you are actually driving

09-26-2008, 11:43 PM
Tried googling it. Found this with a camry (http://www.camryforums.com/archive/threads/vibration-at-idle-through-the-steering-wheel-5077-1.html) I don't know how accurate it is about what parts to replace, but it would be something to try.

They suggest to try reving the engine while in gear and holding the brake.
Have you already just tried to rev the engine while in park? does that do anything? smooth out/get worse?

I can ask my dad tomorrow to as he might have some other suggestions to try. Wish I could've been more help. Have you checked your motor mounts? Any weak or broken? Check the one on the pass side in between the belts. I had the actual aluminum part of the mount break causing the engine to fall backwards. Surprisingly it was being held up by 1 bolt. Anyways, when I would turn right the engine must have twisted and would shake my steering wheel and cause a loud knocking noise. Maybe yours is just resting on it?

03-08-2009, 01:22 AM
I have the same issue with my car... I feel like my arms are going to fall off along with the wheel lol.... anyways the guy my family has trusted with 3 cars over the last 20 years to says that it could be the bearing in the steering column (cant remember exactly what he called them) or the motor mounts.... sounds fun.... have someone check that out.... maybe its the same cause for yours.

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