08 Charger SE plus, EVIC, Audio & fog light mod questions

09-12-2008, 01:57 AM
I got this 08 Charger wrecked from an ins. auction, and I have fixed it and it is almost ready for paint,... but I was wanting to make a few changes,.. 1. add fog lights, 2. this had AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sir Sat with only 4 speakers, so want to add more speakers, 3 Add the Electronic Vehicle Information Center. I added the EVIC to my 01 Intrepid by just getting the overhead unit from a junk yard and mounding it in headliner and running the wiring to the body control mod, but guess the chager has it in the Cluster and swithes on streering wheel, and wondered if anyone has added it on thier charger and what I would need to do it, or if it would be to hard. And I see wiring is there for fog lights, but no switch is on dash, so now sure where the original switch was mounded. And I would like to add more speakers, also see wiring is there, but wires are not hot, so assume I would need to add amp or something... So any one who may have made some of these changes to thier charger, any info would be helpfull...

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