2000 kia sportage engine wont start when hot

09-09-2008, 08:32 PM
i bought a 2000 sportage it will randomly stall and the wont start back up for a while turns over but dont start have changed cam pos sen water temp sens and fuel and engine relays still does it might go 6 miles then die or 60 miles but when it does im stranded for atleast half an hour i jumped the fuel pump in the diagnostics box i can can the pump run when i do this and the key is on but still doesnt start if i spray starter fluid in it it will start for a split second i cant figure it out and i took it to a dealership to check it and well the guy said it was the relays wich i didnt think it was but changed with new kia relays and like i said didnt fix the problem ive noticed many people with the same problem anyone figure it out yet it only does it after it warms up it seems please help ty

09-12-2008, 02:27 PM
reply to myself incase anyone is interested i think the problem might be with the cover over the coil packs seems as if maybe the cover is overheating the coils and causing them to malfunction i will let you know if i find out for sure was trying to get it to stall to check for weak spark but after over an hour last night when i let it run to stall and it didnt i gave up and went to bed i left the cover off to check the spark when it stalls and it seems to be running longer so it may be that that cover holds in to much heat like i said when i find out for sure i will let know

09-16-2008, 10:45 PM
well i replaced a coil becase the plastic was cracked and when it wouldnt start i checked and it had no spark or week spark but that wasnt the problem so i changed the crankshaft positioning sensor since i already replaced the camshaft sensor and those are the 2 sensors related to the spark and its been two days now and hasnt broke down so seems that it was prob the problem all along prob should have done it first since ive had to replace it in 2 other vehicles before bad thing is it looked in good shape and like it may have been changed once already so anyway after 2 days and over 100 miles and no stalling or starting probs seems to be ok now if it nds up not being i will let u know hope it helps someone else weird thing is that when ever it broke down the check engine code would read 1115 coolant sensor and i already replaced them and it still said them some kind of glitch i guess

09-17-2008, 01:35 PM
...so i changed the crankshaft positioning sensor ...
..this is a "normal" solution for the symptoms you have and that occurs on most if not all makes of cars. Problem is the SPorty refuses to start for so many weird reasons that CkPS is no longer a prefered culprit...but it should, anyway, specially since you had checked it with poor spark.
So..glad you fixed it....I did not have to look for this on mine yet...but just having a glance at the CkPS is already difficult...can you describe your difficulty in reaching it ???

09-17-2008, 10:25 PM
to change the the cks i had to jack up the vehicle and i removed the exhaust mounting bracket by the cat convert to give a little more room to get the cks out had to pry the out the pin to unhook the plug to it one bolt that holds the cks in loosened it with 10mm wrench not much room to get to this part after taking out the bolt have to turn the sensor and wiggle out with finger tips again in very tight spot at bottom of engine in the drive side of the transmission in between the exhaust and convertor so u want it to be cool when u work on it and then u have to twist and turn the sensor and work it out the basics of changing it are easy the difficulty lies in where it sits and having little room in a tight spot

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