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GSR (b18c) Cat problems - heads up.

09-06-2008, 08:22 AM
So I'm zippin around the beltway north between VA and MD on those fun twisty sections for those who are familiar. On a long right hander at about 90 mph my rpms drop and start bouncing and the engine starts to choke, and the check engine light comes on. I drive like an ass and I'm about 1k miles short of my next oil change, so I think the g's pulled the oil away from the intake and the pistons started to stick.

I got home, changed my shorts, and got the car into the shop for an oil change and compression test.

Get this! It's a catalytic converter issue. Apparently the cats on the gsr - designed to last forever - when they get hot from driving - and I mean driving - and the internal platforms can get hot enough to get smashed together from the back pressure and exhaust flow. It gives the feeling like your engine is ceasing and will throw you all kinds of nasty codes.

My mechanic is the bomb - all honda/acura certified techs and enthusiasts. I would trust the guy with my first born - he replaced a clutch for me, and it failed 2k miles later - they replaced that one and refurbished the flywheel just in case for free and paid for my tow.

Soooo... having these types of issues? Check your oil every 1k miles, I was burning it too fast from the high rpms and the extra work from the clogging exhaust, and check the cat first before tearing the car apart.

word. hope this helps, and hope I didn't just repost something.

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