Want to buy a 350Z Roadster 2005. Can you tell me if the price is good?

09-05-2008, 12:43 PM
Hi guys,

I currently have an eclipse spyder 97 and I am looking for a newer car. I love convertible cars.

I got an offer, a 350Z roadster, 2005, 27 000miles, Ultra Yellow, 6 speeds, leather interior, BOSE sound system, 20 inches Giovanna wheels. I could buy it for 27 000$ Canadian. Is it a good price? Anything I should know about the 350Z , any big problem? How can I know if it's the Enthusiast or the Touring version? I don't have the Brembo brakes on it :-(

How good is the sound system? Right now in my car I have a good quality Alpine Type-R system, which cost me 1500$. Is the BOSE sound system is better than this?

I never tried a 350Z roadster yet, I tried a 2003 350Z, the base version once and I love it.

Thanks a lot!

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