Warning Warning Must Read Or You Will Be Sorry

03-13-2003, 10:02 AM
*****WARNING*******WARNING*******WARNING*****WARNI NG***there is a new shop in elgin for some of you that might know. The name team imports and they suck major donkey dick, The managers and owners know nothing about cars they just want you to buy shit without even telling you the ups and downs of a product. (silvio at sca does not care if you buy his shit or not as long as you know what is going in your car and how it will effect it). Another thing they jack prices, i have seen some places give a little jump to prices but not like these guys. You ask if they can get you something for your ride and they go online and search some website, (funkdaflex knows what it is) anyways they go online and then jack the price. Funk please respond with your story and details. BUT IN CLOSING DO NOT SHOP AT TEAM IMPORTS, WE ALSO BELIVE THAT THERE IS SOME ILLEGAL SHIT GOING ON, BUT THATS A HUNCH SO FAR. FUNK BACK ME UP.
*****WARNING******WARNING******WARNING******WARNIN G****

03-13-2003, 01:37 PM
Yeah seriously I was in there and a dude walks in and he's there to buy a ACT stage 1 clutch for what reason i dunno its pointless unless he blew out his other clutch. but the owner tries selling him a light weight flywheel to and the guy is like i'll just get one later on. Then my big mouth speaks up and im just like dude theres alot of down sides to gettting that flywheel with like stop and go traffic and i personally think theres more downs than ups to getting it unless its only for like racing or like a weekend car. Dude ended up buying it felt sorry for him cuz he got majorely over priced on it. Then the owner guy was like trying to figure out how i know so much about crap. Theres a big greddy banner in there and i asked him if hes a certified greddy dealer and he gave me was i can get it sooo i was like ok? and asked for a price on a turbo for a 92-95 civic knowing its like 15 or 1600$ so he signs onto aol and goes onto optionsautosalon.com and looks it up and says it will be about 2100$ my jaw dropped in aww thinkin holy shnykys garage kwai said 2200$ for the kit and install. So I did a lil research of my own went to optionsautosalon.com and they have a dealer program thing and i clicked on it and read it and if n e of u read it, it says california business only so im thinking there buying crap and just reselling it. I'm gunna ask them whats up and bust them if something s goin on.

03-15-2003, 10:10 PM
Yeh i've been there a couple of times. My friend's friend owns that shop. I mean they dont say much to me when i go in there but they're price is ok. Like they quoted me 1600 for the whole skunk2 package including the stage 2 cams. Which is not bad. SO far they're pretty ok . Its a new shop.

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