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No Start condition E150 302 EFI

08-31-2008, 08:13 PM
No start Ford Econoline 150 with 302 EFI. New fuel pump, good pressure. Good filter. Good spark and Comps. Starts great with Stating fluid, so not timing. Another funny symptom, fuel pump, pressure pump that is, runs in ignition "ON" position, but shuts off in the start position. ???? HMMM. Suspecting ECU, but need someone with more experience to confirm for me. Maybe a bad injector common common power? I don't know, I am a bosch guy. Also, check engine light does not illuminate as it shoul whith engine not running. Perhaps related? Any help much appreciated, Mike...

09-01-2008, 08:37 PM
Use a noid light light and check for power to injectors. Check for power to injectors.
If you don't have power it may be the security system shutting power to injectors.
Check for a burnt injector power fuse. sells a years service for $25.00 and they have good wiring diagrams. It could be a bad wire or unplugged harness.
What year is this vehicle as it makes a difference?
The PATS system gets a signal from a key. Try another key if you have one. Some locksmiths can recode a key otherwise a dealer can do it. sells equipment to do this.

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