Digital Conversion!

08-30-2008, 11:29 PM
Well guys. Maybe you've forgotten or don't care, but I'm still trying to convert my Baron to all-digital. I've got the trip computer, that was easy, my Baron had a plug ready for it lol. I have rewired much of my car to support a 92's computers and digital dashboard. As far as I know, the only thing I've left out is the different cruise control wiring and the door ajar wiring, which are different between years. Now. I have everything set up to support the 92 computers or the original 93's at will. And digital or analog clusters at will. BTW I had to create a rewiring harness that I plug in between the engine's main wire harness to make my injectors fire 92 style. Now, when I plug up all the 92/digital crap, the engine runs fine, the transmission shifts fine, and all but one of the digital guages work perfectly. The speedo doesn't work! And the check engine light comes on with 3 errors, 2 injector pulse errors (I forget the exact errors atm) and one A/C compressor relay error...? Weird huh? I assume the injector errors come from the injector rewiring I did, but the engine runs just fine. And I never had an A/C error before, especially since my A/C system leaks horribly and I have no belt on the compressor. I'll fix the A/C next summer.

Anyone have any input for me about the error codes?

Now the speedo. I hooked up my car to the scanner and read the data streams. I jacked up my car and drove it in the air, the speedo reads a constant 0 but the speedo data stream was displaying the speed. So my computer knows the speed but the speedo doesn't? For some stupid reason, when Chrysler goes digital, they go all the way. They couldn't just design a digital dash cluster with the same analog plugs, that was capable of reading the analog inputs. That would be to easy for them. I had to reroute all the analog inputs from the original cluster wires all the way to the body computer and then run serial bus wires back to the digital dash. I'm thinking I screwed up the speedo wire going to the computer. But I'm so obsessive compulsive that I triple check all my work, and I doubt I could have made such a mistake. And the speedometer data is CLEARLY in the serial bus, if I can read it with the scanner, right? Unless the engine computer puts it in the serial bus, but also outputs it on a wire analog-ly and then that wire goes to the body computer then goes back into the serial bus as a different type of data?

Anyone got any ideas?

Next in the digital conversion is the climate control! That's right, I'm converting to digital climate control as well. As far as I know, it was not available with the 91+ new dash style, so you couldn't get that option in my 93. I already converted my friend's Dodge Dynasty. It was really easy except for one thing. There's a "modulator" to control the hot/cold mix that a cable hooked up to the slider switch would normally do. Now if you look in the really tight space at the bottom of the climate control box, you would say that it is designed to have something scewed onto it there. The modulator. Get this. The plastic box has things sticking out meant to have screws go into them, the bolt pattern is wrong! Put the modulator there and you'll never find out how to bolt it down. And for some reason the 2 modulators I have don't seem to work. On the Dynasty, I chopped off one of the plastic things and screwed in one screw to another, and jammed something under the modulator to hold in up. But I'm not sure if it has to sit at a precise angle or will the climate control computer force the modulator to keep turning past the stopping point and burn out the motor?

Any ideas?

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