93 Lebaron electric fan switch & relay. Overflow tank also.

08-28-2008, 01:30 PM
1993 lebaron 4 door v6 automatic

Trying to find the electric fan switch & relay for. The electric fan stays on forever after turning off & drains the battery.

I've replaced battery, put in another radiator (radiator had leak), changed water thermostat.

I still need to find a cheap overflow tank & find the fan relay & thermostat switch to see if i can keep the fan from staying on.

Right now have to unplug fan after getting to my destination.

If anyone can help with the above its appreciated.
my email is sunlystyle@gmail.com also for any help.

08-30-2008, 11:04 PM
Isn't the fan relay in the under-hood fusebox? And go to a junkyard. Lebaron sedans, Plymouth Acclaims, and Dodge Spirits are identical to your car. All the other EEKs will have usable parts as well. But leave it to Chrysler, who made all their cars so nearly identical, to change the most minor and unnecessary details from car to car. The overflow bottle is one of those ridiculously-changed details. In fact, between identical car models with the same engine, some have different bottles. Still, you have a VERY good chance of finding an Acclaim/Spirit/LeBaron Sedan in any junkyard.

By the way, the temperature sensors should be right by the thermostat housing, I assume you changed the thermostat yourself, so just check to see if they (I think there are 2) are plugged in and not broken.

So look in that fuse box.

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