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74 B300 Carb Rebuild (360ci)

08-21-2008, 09:20 AM
Alrighty. It's not a Ram Van, but it is an Ancestor.

I need to rebuild the carb on this baby, to stop the flow of air through the sides/gaskets. I've done this before with a 77 plymouth fury, also with a 360 and Holley 2 barrel. My previous experience was in the early 90's. However, I remember clearly then, just going to the parts store, giving them the info I just put in this post, and getting the right kit. There was no question about model carb.

My problem is that the two local parts stores are insisting that there are two different carbs Dodge could have used... the 2210 and the 2245. They list two different rebuild kits... but they list both carbs together... what I mean is they list it as 2210/2245 kit and 2210/2245 alternate kit. There is no tag on this carb, and the numbers on the front will not clean up to be legible. One local shop has one of the kits in stock.

One online retailer lists both carbs separately, but lists the same carb internal part number for each... about two thirds the way down, you will see the listing for 360s, and the two H-2 for my year. You will also notice the part number of 15485H for the holley 2245 kit, and the same part number for the holley 2210 kit. To me, this implies that they use the same rebuild kit. I do acknowledge that this could be a more universal kit, with gaskets unique to each carb.

My dilemma... how do I find the right kit to build? I really can't afford to buy the wrong kit, tear down the carb, find out I have the wrong kit, and then not be able to get to work or back to the store to return the wrong kit. I don't have the option to buy both kits, and I really can't afford to purchase both kits online, when I can only use one.

08-21-2008, 10:27 AM
Is it with the plastic body?If it is,throw it away and it was a piece of junk since day one.Holley carbs are junk,they flood,not a good street carb and are a real pain in the butt to set up.Another problem with another with the holley,change one part and you have to change everything.Holley carbs are only good for the dragstrip.Look into a new Edelbrock,very easy to set up and the simplest carb out there to work on.

08-21-2008, 12:08 PM
Ok. Well it isn't the one with the plastic body. Was that the 2210, or the 2245? This carb looks exactly like (as far as my memory is good for) the Holley 2 barrel that I rebuilt on the 77 Fury I had. That would lead me to believe that this is the 2245. Do you know that they were putting a plastic body Holley on this year, on the 8 cylinder engines? Or do you just hate Holley in general, and know that they make a crapplastic carb they were putting in use on vehicles at some point or another?

And if I can't afford to go out and buy two rebuild kits to see which one is the right one, I most certainly can't afford to go out and buy some other manufacture of carb. That might involve having to get some kind of conversion base plate to work with this intake. It might involve needing a new intake.

The carb I rebuilt for the fury worked like a charm. So I'm sorry your experience has been bad. Mine hasn't (yet).

08-21-2008, 02:06 PM
The plastic version was made by Carter whom was bought by Edelbrock.My father hates Holley carbs and threw one away off a 1937 pontiac street rod and it ran like crap.I hear stories about Holleys being junk and flood out

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