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1994 B250 no start - nothing but lights.

08-19-2008, 07:59 PM
Here's the scene. My van stalled and basically didn't start again so I changed the distributor, rotor and fuel filter. Nothing - just kept turning over. Pushed it to a mechanic who changed the ignition coil and when I picked it up it started on one turn. As soon as I parked it at home and tried to re-start (about a 4 minute drive from the mechanic) I got nothing. The dash and gauges seem to respond, lights in the cargo area work, but nothing when I turn the key.

So: before I took it to the mechanic it would turn over but not fire up - with mechanic changing the coil it started once - at home nothing...I changed the connections to the battery and still nothing but interior lights and gauges...

I question why it started at the shop no problem, but as soon as I turned it off and tried the re-start - nothing - not even clicking....

Any help is appreciated! :banghead:

08-20-2008, 08:04 PM
As quoted by Rhandwar in the previous thread:

QUOTE "Wiggle the battery terminals if loose tighten them. Use a volt meter and check the voltage if above 12 volt try to start if it drops below 10 volt buy a new battery. If everything is ok check if the small wire to the solenoid is getting 12 volt when turning the key."

I have changed the battery connectors with the same results - nothing but interior lights and gauges. I tapped the starter while the wife tried turning it over, wiggled wires...???? I will check the ignition coil the mechanic changed to ensure it is ok....argghhhh

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