99 lanos 1.5

08-19-2008, 05:40 PM
hey all: I'm looking for a place where i can buy a timing belt and tensionner for this car.I live in victoria B.C. Canada, and there is not too many parts around here for it.I check Rock auto but they d'ont have timing belt for the 1.5.I just bought the car and after reading about it ,iwould like to change the belt before it brake, it has 158000 kms and i d'ont know if it's been done before. thank's. Guy . Update
belt broke, valve are bent and 3 rocker broke.need more than a belt now. Guy

08-28-2008, 08:36 PM
I got a head+cam coming frm a scrapyard in Toronto, I found a timing belt+water pump also intake+exaust gasket same as a (92 lemans)frm Lordco auto part.Head gasket on its way frm 1.6lt, look to be the same? frm eBay. what i am still looking for is a timing belt tensioner, if any of you can help it will be greately appreciated.
more to come:

09-14-2008, 11:13 AM
Well the head gasket from eBay did not fit correctly, so i order one from lordco for a 92 lemans 1.6 shoc, exactly the same.Got a timing belt tensionner from local Chev dealer ,that got it from a dealer in the USA somewhere.The head never came from Ontario, so i got one from a yard for a 92 Lemans 1.6. Now the head is exactly the same, except for the combustion chamber ,witch is deeper. Might have a bit of power lost, but noting very noticeable for now.So I got everything back together, and it run dam good for now, and I now have a non interference engine.Meaning If the timing belt break again the piston won't hit the valves.

10-06-2008, 11:33 AM
Well what was suppose to be a small lost of power turned out to be a bigger lost of power.The engine ran good but there was no guts to it,was very slow on start up,(not a race car)and compression was at 150 lbs.
So I returned to the original head the 1.5 with bent intake valves.I took the intake valves from the 1.6 and put them into the 1.5,(now remember, the 1.6 combustion chamber was bigger than the 1.5 so it also meant that the valves were shorter by like 1/8 of an inch).So after putting everything back together, the engine ran good and had it's original power back and compression was at 180lbs,but had a lot of clicker.I thought that the lifter would adjust slightly but guest not.So after checking a few thing and talking to some people I decided to add a washer under the lifter,I had to do this a few time to get the right thickness for each lifter.
So now it run pretty good has decent power for what it is, clicker just a tiny bit,Will see.

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