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At Wits End.

08-18-2008, 03:20 PM
My "88" FORD E 150 Van stalls temporarily every morning on my way to work. I am at wits end with this problem.

I have done the following: 1) Just cleaned fuel tank w/muriatic acid and replaced lifter pump (even painted the tank black with Rustoleum, 2) R & R all fuel filters, 3) R & R Booster Fuel pump located diagonally to the rear of the larger fuel filter, 4) New harness and ignition module. Also had a complete tune-up in November 07.

I thought I had it fixed when I passed the usual "stalling" point on my way to work this morning. Then it just stalled. I drove to a side street for the duration it took to start. Then b/t 10 to 40 minutes it will fire up and for all I know I could drive to Alaska.

This just is making NO SENSE to me anymore. I'm at wits end.

Any ideas?


08-18-2008, 06:47 PM
Normally the module will shut off and take a few minutes to cool down. If you have a friend along take a 12 volt test light with you. With the ground hooked to the battery negative put the tip on the coil negative and try to start the car. If the light doesn't blink replace the pickup in the distributor.
I have my own module testerand use a hair dryer to heat them up before testing. I got 3 bad ones in a row one time. Buy at least a Standard or motorcraft. Normally the pickup will trip intermintant and for shorter time periods.
Advance or Auto Zone will test free take a hair dryer and warm up. Don't heat up to much if a drop of water will boil on the metal plate stop.
Check the computer ground wire near the computer and the one at the battery ground. Check the ground for the fuel pump usually on the frame close to the tank.

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