1991 dodge spirit 2.5L

angela s
08-14-2008, 01:10 PM
Hi, it's my first time posting here, and I need help, my hubby is away & left me with the old car & it's giving me trouble.

The temperature gauge is on high, the res. jug is full, and my brother in law suggested a new thermosat but that didn't help.

Any suggestions?

10-06-2008, 02:07 AM
I just had the same problem with my 89 spirit and it was the radiator, the copper filments had corroded and wasn't allowing the car to cool down. It may also be that the radiator isn't circulating water. To check take the radiator cap off and run your car for a couple minutes, if the water looks like it's doing a roiling boil then it's circulating. The last option is the water pump or a bad thermostat. Hope that helped some.

10-06-2008, 09:32 PM
If your brother in law can't help you call your husband and ask where to take it before you possibly blow a head gasket. Normally an independant or radiator is cheaper than the dealer.

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