Question about applying for a duplicate certificate title in Florida.

08-11-2008, 06:05 PM
Okay so I'm in the UK and selling my car in Florida, US. I discovered I never received the certificate of title so am having to file for one from 4000 miles away. I'm overnighting the forms tomorrow so they get there on Wednesday but am having issues knowing what part of the form to fill in. I could really do with finding out tonight as FedEx are coming in the morning and I don't want to put them off til Wednesday if I can help it.

I've filled in the whole top part but do I fill in the part at the bottom that says 'Signature of Purchaser'? I must have to sign the form somewhere surely and thats the only place I can think to sign it? But it also asks for 'signature of seller' which was the dealership. And I have no way of getting them sign the form since I can't get to them, being in Scotland and all?

Does anyone know what I should fill out? Thats the only part that asks for my signature but I don't know whether I should sign it or not?

08-11-2008, 08:29 PM
Do you know if one was ever issued in your name for this vehicle and maybe you never received it? I'm in NY so I really can't help you concerning forms from the Florida DMV, but I wanted to ask if you had the correct form in the first place? In my state there is a form to obtain a duplicate title but I don't believe they ask for both the seller and buyer's signature , just the vehicle's owner's info and a place for their signature. that what made me think if you had the right form.

EDIT: I came across this form online from the Florida DMV website and think this may be the form that is required,( Not exactly sure, if someone else knows, they can let you know.) It is form #MS72, and if it is the form you have, my thoughts would be that you would sign where it says" Signature of Printed Name of
Seller/Owner/Lienholder:" as you are the owner of the vehicle.

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