Looking for something

08-08-2008, 05:24 PM
Hello all,

This is probably the wrong forum for this post but i am new here and navigating it is difficult.

I am Currently deployed to Iraq I am coming home in a week or 2 and im trying to find a place that has jobs for muslce car mechanic's. I am stationed out of Ft. Lewis Washington where i am going to live. Id like to find a place or some people that are looking for engine,tranny and suspension guys for custom work. I have a Degree in Business with Automotive technology with chassie fabrication and High Performance engines. I have been in the army for 10 year as a mechanic. Now that i have been to Iraq and experinced what its like to be shot at and work on military vehicles underfire i hate it.:frown:
I have always had the dream of having a strip and an engine shop on the side of the track charging people to race all day long for bookoo bucks. It would get the wannabe ricers off the street and into some real racing. Plus muslce cars will always be the shit no matter what.
If your in need of a mechanic post here please cause i am getting out of the army and thats all i want to do is build cars for a living. I have lived the rest underfire:uhoh: , Thanks

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