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03 Z3 3.0i soft top motor porblem

Wil C
08-06-2008, 11:07 PM
hey i got a 03 z4 3.0i and it's a vert. automatic soft top

the motor..actuator.. whatever yo uwant to call it. has a problem..

the soft top won't open by it self.. i can manually open it. but the motor doesn't seem to be working.. the one actuator where it holds the soft top to the windshield works perfect. but after that there should be another motor to lift the soft top all the way back.. but it doesn't.

my question is.. how do i check if it's the motor??(check for voltage to the motor??) .. and yes there is a TSB on this but i still need to hceck if it's the motor before i buy it.:banghead:

and how do i go about replacing the motor.. I know where it is.. and i see it... i took off a lot of stuff. and i still haven't got a clue of how to go about replacing the motor easily.. the whoel trunk and everything yo usee in it is basically removed. DO i have to remove the soft top completely??(don't want to but if i have to)

Thanks for your time.

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