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My two headaches with my Probe SE

07-30-2008, 10:01 PM
This is actually going to be more than two problems I realized after I submitted lol.

I bought a 1994 Ford Probe SE from my neighbor with a blown clutch, was under warranty, got the new one for free, my friend put it in for me, trading out my short shifter and headers and he gave me his headers and shifter off his Mazda MX-6, "I DO REALIZE THAT HE HAD TO REMOVE THE STARTER TO GET THE TRANSMISSION OUT!" After driving the Probe for only a short while I've had some... complications, if anyone could shed some light on each of these that'd be great...

My biggest problem first

Car drove fine, started fine, e.t.c, then it wouldn't start one day, I went to turn the engine over and all my panel lights died... noticed the bolt to tighten the positive terminal on the battery was broken and bleach white from corrosion. after jiggling and holding the terminal with my hand , not even getting the slightest bit of shock. while someone started the car, and occasionally drift starting it. It finally stopped working all together... I swapped my battery, for my girlfriend's camry batter, same brand, EverStart, only hers has 200 less CCA, with the unbolted positive terminal it started right up...

Was running great for awhile, I even bought a bolt with a nylon nut for extra tension and it ran fine.... Now all my lights work and don't dim... but when I go to crank the engine over, the starter doesn't even click, I haven't tried switching the batteries again, but what could be the possible problem for this? Simply a bad starter? Something not hooked up right? I mean it's pretty common problem I realize, if it doesn't work, something's broke. But is this just that simple?

Next problem....

More often than not. when the engine DOES go to crank over, it won't fully turn over until I prime the gas pedal all the way about 4 times THEN it catches and flares up to about 4 grand on the tach. Bad fuel Pump maybe? OR something else?

Problem #3

My Firewall fan (Don't know the proper name, whatever sucks air in to the cabin through the vents) is not working, After drift starting it one final time and taking my friend home. it was fine. The next day, picking him up, I go to turn it on to Mix (My cooling fan is not hooked up properly so to prevent Overheating I turn it on) I hear the hissing of air entering the ducts, but no fan is blowing ... This worked fine even without my cooling fan until this day. I DID however notice between the front of the engine and the raditor, a wire with a round ring terminal loose below the peg that hooks up my thermometer, not sure where it hooks up to... I apologize if i'm not being descriptive enough in these posts, if you need me to elaborate on something in specific more, let me know.

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