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JDM B16 smog problems

07-29-2008, 02:06 PM
a little about me: i grew up playing with old chevy big-iron. not so caught up with newer cars/engines. yes, i had to pay someone to swap my engine.

money was good, and i swapped in a used jdm b16 into my 19 civic dx. it was a pain, but eventually passed the BAR.

now, two years later, i can't pass smog. i live in los angeles, california. the cat was new when i passed that BAR test, and don't have 5k miles on it yet.

i tried to pass smog, and failed horribly. all my numbers were good, expect my nox, which was above 3000 (need around 800 to pass).

fine, i checked my timing, which was way off, and now it's right on (or, +16 degrees, TDC), but nox is still 2600.

any ideas now? did i burn out the cat (is that even possible?)? do i need to find an american throttle body WITH an EGR on it?

thanks much in advance

08-01-2008, 03:00 PM
make sure your egr is opening also if you have a vacuum leak that will cause the egr not to get enough vacuum i think there is a solinoid responsible for how much vacuum the egr recieves

08-22-2008, 03:53 AM
yes, catalytic converters go bad, especially when your car is running rich as hell...assuming that you didn't install a/c in which case your IAC may be suspect, you need to make sure that you charcoal canister is flowing air freely, make sure that your vac lines are connected to fuel purge and MAP sensors , make sure your tps is calibrated properly, make sure your power brake booster is running properly

also, egr is regulated by your ecu, which jdm b series ecu s were never designed to work with...your problem is most likely related to a combination of bad cat/bad vacuum check your charcoal canister...

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