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2000 integra

07-28-2008, 08:27 PM
So i recently found a 2000 integra but its the base model. Fully loaded great shape. Only problem is it has 145k miles on it. I was wondering if it is worth the 4k they want. Im gonna be going to itt tech soon so ill be doing about 30-40 miles a day on it 3 days a week. Is it really gonna be worth the 4k to put out or should i keep my 99 lumina. Im gonna test drive it tomorrow maybe but im trying to find a decent car that gets good gas milage and still has some power. I mean i dont wanna race in it i just dont wanna go slow :banghead: . Also after im done using it for a daily driver would it be worth putting work into it? And no i dont mean turning it into a big pile of rice shit. I just wish it wasnt an auto.

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