84 Olds Delta overheating

07-14-2008, 11:32 AM
I have a Delta88 with a Y 307, roughly 300.000 miles.

Lately, I can barely drive the car around the block without white smoke or steam (I can't tell) coming up from both sides of the engine, roughly where the sparkplugs are. (Oil, coolant, everything else is good).

I put an open breather element on in a while back and I noticed a lot of the little vacuum lines are basically AWOL. Only one or two are connected to the Q-jet. So are also the hoses that connect from 'the sliver things' that connect from where the sparkplugs are to the aircleaner via the air pump.

My question: Could this be the cause of the overheating? Other than that, I can only blame blown gaskets, heads or worse, block.
It's just my little "mess around with" car, but I"d hate to see it go. Any thoughs, please?

07-30-2008, 12:05 PM
Honestly dude i wish i could help you but im pretty brand new when it comes to cars....however i went to school for computers and networking...so when it comes to assemblies and building and repairing i kno my s**t so im starting to get into the scheme of things as far as cars go...anyway to make a long story short im replying because im having a problem with my Olds 94 Cutlass Supreme (161,000+ Miles)overheating......it happened on my way to work today...N for the longest my low coolant light has been on..i didnt flush my coolant...and i added new coolant...and so did a good summaratin when i broke down on the side of the road last night...as far as repairs to this car goes i brought it two weeks ago got a new battery serpentine belt and water pump because coolant was leaking with the old one...i didnt get a new thermostat until today...didnt install it...and some people were saying it could be a problem with that. I dont think i blew a head gasket either...oil levels and tranmission fluid levels r good...but what i am concerned about is that coolant is flowing thru one pipe on my car and not the other...one pipe stays relativley cool but the other pipe on the drivers side (next to the air filter) is hot...i checced for a leak in coolant fluid and so far I didnt really find any...so being a car nubie..im stumped...Besides that car runs fine besides a slighty bad transmission (mabye, i dunno) ...hopefully I can find some help for ur problem as well as mines...!:grinyes: :banghead: :eek7:

07-30-2008, 03:22 PM
Intake manifold gaskets were common on the 307.

07-30-2008, 03:43 PM
when car cools off start it and have antifreeze or water and see if its blowing it right back out of radiater and if it pushes it out if it don't should not have blowen head gasket. then you talked about putting in thermostat i'd try that. also you could have a plugged radiater..good luck...

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