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Please help....Transmission issues.

07-04-2008, 01:49 PM
Just paid off and the Transmission goes!!

So here is my mess of a story.

Pregnant wife calls and says the trooper wont start. AAA comes out and gets it running and I have here take it to the Sears auto center which is right around the corner. I get a new battery installed and when the wife goes to pick it up she says every time she goes to turn the air on the car stalls and turns off. The sears mechanic gives me some BS and later we are able to start the car with the AIR already on and its fine.

The next day I take the car into my trusty mechanic and have him replace the serpentine belt based on recommendations from the Sears mechanic.

2 days later the wife tells me the car is running funny and has no power when she starts. I drive it into the mechanic the next day and something is messed up. The car has virtually no power for about 20 seconds and then it seems to run fine. Later that day after driving the car 2 different times my mechanic calls to tell me something is certainly wrong with the transmission and unfortunately this is not something he gets involved with. He feels terrible that he is about to let me out to the wolfs and keeps the car another night to fool around with. He is convinced that’s its something electric as if he drives it like a stick shit by going from low up to drive it actually almost drives fine.

So at this point he is unable to figure the problem out and recommends a transmission place but still tells me he doesn’t know them well but says they have a good reputation and have been in business for over 30 years.

Guy there tells me its not electric as there are no codes and they need to open it up to diagnose. So I agree to pay the $200 and am told that worse case scenario its going to be $1200 to $1800 to fix which will include the parts and labor. OH ya, Its a 2000 trooper with 85,000 miles and overall in great shape. The next day I get the dreaded call which was so obvious….. guys says… long have you been driving this sucker……this is one of the worst messes I have ever seen. This and that are torn up. I ask for the damage and he gives me a line that even though im not a senior citizen he is going to really help me out and says that when he figured out my total it came to $2600 but he is going to save me $800.

Here is my written quote that he faxed me,

Work to Diagnose $195
Master Overhaul Kit $299
RE. Torque Converter $309
Clutch Drum $178
Re. Pump Assembly $230
Re. Planetary Carrier $169
Labor $470

With a few other Misc. items I am looking at $1242 for parts, $470 for labor and $121 for taxes for a total of $1852

NOW, I am already out the $200, don’t know shiat about cars let alone transmissions and have not idea if I am getting robbed blind or what.

Any chance that this is total BS? If not can anyone think of any other options for me. My car is sitting in the shop over the holiday weekend and I need to figure out what to do for Monday morning.

Sorry so long and thanks in advance,

Stessing out

07-05-2008, 10:04 AM
what is the fluid change history on the tranny?

07-05-2008, 06:12 PM
I dont know for sure to be honest but I do service it regularly and about 6 months ago had a tune up. The transmission guy said the fluid was certainly dirty but said that it was not the cause for the issue. When i pressed him for an explanation to the cause he simply said it was just a broken part. Im sorry but at this time i dont remember what part he said. It was all a bit overwhelming and he was spitting out information like i spend 8 hours a day looking under a hood.

I dont want to come across as an ass, im just worried i pay the $2000 and later it starts to act up again. Then i pay a bunch more money and they simply say i needed to do both.

Wish to god i understood a bit more on what was going on.

Thanks for the reply,

07-13-2008, 12:58 AM
Isn't Trooper covered under warranty for 10yr/120K?
Even if you are not original owner, you atleast get 60K from purchase (if of course not over 120K miles).

Call an Isuzu dealership for info. They may do the work for free if vehicle under warranty.

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