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2006 Charger rear fusebox wiring problem

07-03-2008, 05:42 PM
I got a 2008 Charger SE that had been hit in the rear, and it damaged the rear fusebox a little, and pulled about 5 of the wire out of it and broke 2 of them off, these two I can see when they go,... does anyone have a wiring diagram for this so I can connect wire in right place?... or will I have to take it to a dealer to repair?....a couple of them (fuse #26,27,28) appears to be where where some of them.

Note,.. I have traced these down to being pulled out of the two banks,.... (26-32 block) and (14-20 block) if I could find diag with color of wires to these two blocks, then I could fix this,...I have only 6 wire left to put in one of these two blocks, they have some wires still in them, but can't find anyone with a wiring diag, I order a manual for 08 charger from ebay, but not sure when it gets here if it will have diag for this.

Added note: Since I wasn't able to get a diag. of wiring for the box, I went to a junk yard and brought another fuse box with a few in. of wire on it, and matched mine up with it, so fixed it now

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