thermostat issue

06-27-2008, 12:19 AM
FYI: The 2002 Elantra AC will cut out when the temperature gauge rises which is usually indicative of a cooling system problem. In my case I noticed the radiator had a mysterious leak after the engine cooled down. I replaced the radiator, hoses and flushed the sytem. NOTE: There are three rubber hoses that need to be replaced. This did not solve the problem and the engine temperature began to creep up and I noticed the AC was inoperable. Turns out the thermostat was the culprit that probably caused the plastic radiator to rupture. I picked up a $16 replacement thermostat from NAPA. Its going to be hot this summer so keep an eye on your cooling system. If anyone needs more tips on replacing these parts let me know, its not hard but a few components are in the way that the manual fails to tell you.

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