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Dealership 31k miles services scamming? 06 Hemi

06-24-2008, 10:22 AM
My dad brought in his 06 Hemi Charger for rear window driver side not working intermittently service and of course when we brought it in it was working so now we've leaving it there till it doesn't work again so they can fix it under warranty.

They called the house and want to do all of this to it now:
plugs only - minor tune up
coolant flush/fill
rear diff
flushing injectors
oil change
tire rotation
air filter

$968 total

Now I can see where some of that stuff needs to be done, but come'on... are they really that stupid to think someone is going to do all of those things at once or AT ALL in 1 visit when it was brought in for a window motor not working intermittently? How many of you think these things need to be done at 31k?

Plugs - I'm very surprised to see that the plugs need replacing this soon whereas there are vehicles now that need plugs every 60 - 100k miles.

Injector flush? How about a can of seafoam especially since it seems there is nothing wrong with the car's performance.

Coolant - How about we look at it before swapping it?

Rear diff - Really? after 31k its really that dirty? I'm really asking seriously here cause I don't have experience with rear diff's.

Oil Change - Same as coolant. Look first.

Tire rotation - maybe.

Air filter - knock the old one out and vacuum it and/or just replace. I can see this one.

Transmission - You could get away with 60k I bet, but some vehicles are sensitive enough to need replacement every 20 - 30k miles.

I know it seems like I've answered a lot of my own questions here, but I was curious to what other 06 Owners thought and have experienced.

06-24-2008, 09:36 PM
It is a scam!Regular oil changes oil at 3,000 miles is a must.If it is the hemi,use 5w 20 oil only and I know why.The hemi has the MDS,has acuators in the cylinder heads which will gum up if you don't 5w 20 oil.Transmission fluid changes are 50,000 miles and that has no dipstick.It has a dipstick tube with a cap on it saying dealer service only.It goes by the transmission fluid tempature read on a scan tool and look it up a chart to see if it is full or not.

06-28-2008, 03:30 PM
I guess people have thicker wallets than they used to. This is a Dodge not a Mercedes.

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