HELP!!!! My 2001 Sportage wont start

06-20-2008, 06:35 AM
My Sportage begun shutting off on the road but it would start back up; later it wont start after stopping to fuel up for example. The dealer made many repairs without possitive results. Someone suggested to change the fuel pump and I had it done even though the dealer told me the computer was telling them the pump was not failing. After changing the fuel pump, it ran well for about six months. Well... it started doing it again. Stopped to refuel after on the highway for about two hours and it did not start until it sat for about one hour. Yesterday my wife went to the store (about five miles) and it did not start right away. I welcome your input.
Thank you,

06-20-2008, 07:04 PM
THis is quite symptomatic of crank position sensor failure, located on driver side of flywheel bell housing. as conspicuous as it looks in picture, though.

THis type of failure happens on almost all cars, (my sister in law just last month). THis component is heat sensitive with time and does just that: stops waiting at red light, or once you have completed market at grocery this must be checked before all, (the 6 months it went well were the colder months of the year...)
but.... the Sporty is reknown to mimic symtoms that turn out false keep us informed of results.

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