2005 elantra gls and servicing question

06-12-2008, 08:48 PM
i have 31K miles on my car. its a 2005. I bought it 2yrs ago this month. never had it serviced yet. ive been calling around different hyundai dealers to see what they charge for service at this mileage point. Im in delaware county, PA. and the lowest price i got was 340.00 and highest was 500 at fred beans dealer. Is this an average price range for servicing at the dealer?? I looked at the maintenance guide and Im sure you all know what they do at this mileage. nothing really out of the ordinary... I was told by 1 dealer that when they flush the TRANS fluid or whatever it is they do, the hyundai dealer has a special equipment to do that , and no other service garage has it.... so i couldnt take my car to my own garage and have them do all the service work cause they dont have the special equipm. hyundai mechanics have to do the trans stuff.. is this TRUE???? my mechanic said he could service my car for 200$, but according to hyundai dealer they cant do the trans fluid service cause they dont have the right equip...

changing an O ring is the gasket when you change oil, right? all they do, my mechanic can do it and for less....

although i DO need new brake pads and i want OE on my car, the pads i have from advanced auto parts arent OE and they squeal all the time.....

Anyways, any feedback on this post would be aprreciated.

06-22-2008, 04:34 PM
The "stealership" is so full of it! I am sure your regular mechanic could do anythiing the dealership could do. You would be wise to avoid the dealership whenever you can! Their prices will always be higher and you will always get less quality work than someonw else you trust!

06-23-2008, 12:47 PM
Anyone should be able to do a tranny flush. Just make sure they use the recommended fluid, I've heard Hyundais can be picky about the fluid used.

For your brake pads, most newer pads are designed to start squeaking when they need to be replaced. They have material that will start to rub your rotors and make a squeaking sound (it won't cause any damage unless you get all the way down to the metal though). New ones shouldn't do that no matter what kind they are.

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