Starter Solenoid Diagram 66 Classic Required

06-12-2008, 04:02 AM
Doing up a 66 classic
287 MOTOR lost in transit .. put in a 290
The babe is totally stripped ..going into get sprayed all origonal on monday
Should get all interior back next week from trimmors
So i can't take to auto elec's just yet
Question 1
Pink wire which joins to a dark blue wire I feel went to + coil gets warm while motor running .. melted loom tape
Question 2
Another dark blue wire which I ran to coil origonally..all good but which do I use
Question 3
Have 2 black wire connections coming from loom to solenoid starter area .. do I earth them
Question 4
Do I need a resister..What type
Have tried to find the correct diagram or info with no result
Cheers Charles

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