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98 Honda Passport ABS problems again!?

06-11-2008, 07:46 PM
Well my ABS light came on again last Friday and I have spent a little time here and there trying to diagnose it. The last time two times it had came on was because of the TSB with the rear wheel speed sensor harness wires coming apart ( which I fixed both times because I did not know of the harness you could get to fix the problem ). Anyways back to the topic at hand. I am a tech at a Chrysler Jeep dealership so we obviously don't have the proper scan tool to read Honda ABS codes and our Snap-On scan tool went missing a month or so back so I had to jump the DLC terminals to get my codes from the flashing ABS light. Here are the codes: 51 52 53 62 and 63. 51 - 53 are all three sensors showing an open or short. 62 and 63 are missing signals from the right front and rear sensors. This is an intermittent light so I have tested the wheel speed sensor circuit a few different times at the module 16 pin connector and today for the first time my right front read out of specification. Mitchell on Demand says that both front sensors are supposed to be between 2 - 2.8 k ohms while the rear is supposed to be between 1 - 1.6 k ohms. Are those correct specs? If so my right front read between .7 - .8 M ohms today. Meaning out of spec. Now if all these specs are correct and everytihng else checks out fine is it possible that my right front wheel speed sensor is starting to act up and go bad? Also can one sensor going bad like that throw codes for the other sensors? My only other thought would be a bad module but they replaced that through the recall a couple years back? Thanks in advance and sorry for the thrwon together paragraph.


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