92 tempo wont restart

06-10-2008, 04:43 AM
i got a 92 tempo 2.3 automatic with 280k multiport injection that has always ran good with a tuneup when problems arose.check engine lite has been on forever.have been using 30w oil for last couple yrs.just a month ago,have been using lightweight oil.stated leaking and burning it bad.then,car started stalling at lights,but would start back up.also the brake pedal is going down to far and feels funny.this start back up time increased until it became 5/10/15 minutes.then,it completely failed to start.replaced distributor,coil,temp sensor,from scrap yard.took compression test,showed 120-150,on cheap gage difficult to hold in place.does seem to crank a little too fast?sorta has the right sound to it.put in new plugs.then it almost started.then just cranked over.let set overnight.changed oil to heavyweight.it started right up.put into gear and it stalled.would not restart.pulled plugs,they were wet with gas.left them out overnight.replaced next day and it started.it idles good,revs good and dont smoke since oil change.let it run a couple minutes and put in gear and drove up and down driveway.came to stop.it stalled.would not restart.plugs wet with gas again.went to trunk and tripped pump kill.held pedal to floor and it fired and cleaned cylinders of gas.turned pump back on,it fired but did not start,then did not even fire,just cranked over.waited overnight and started right up,after rev or 2,no smoke of any kind.am gonna change map sensor tomorrow.changed it's hose already which was loose.when it runs it runs good,but does seem to lack it's pep it once had.is it just worn out?is there no fix?could the brakes have some bearing on the trouble?:eek7:thanks!

06-25-2008, 03:04 PM
have replaced temp sensor and map sensor from another running car.car will start cold.warm it will start if pedal is held to floor.hot it will not start.this problem became worse over a 2 week period.to the way it is now.since this happened have replaced plugs,complete distributor,coil,temp sensor,map sensor from a running car.problem still persists and has not changed.check engine light is not on.car has over 200k and compression is on the low side but when it runs it seems to run fine.when car is started cold it tends to stall when put in gear.after warm up this does not happen unless idle goes to low.which happens when it is allowed to idle for any length of time.

07-16-2008, 10:29 PM
Did you replace the module when you installed a rebuilt distributor? Auto Zone or Advanced Auto has a module tester and will check it free for you if you take it in. Have you reset the timing after installing the new distributor.

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