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Con rods and Pistons

06-07-2008, 02:09 AM
I'm in the market for some connecting rods and pistons.

I'm building a CRV-TEC motor. I'm planning on sleeving the block (if anyone knows a good machine shop in the seattle area i'd be interested), I was also thinking about using the B16A length rods so I don't have interference problems cause there about .100" shorter helping on the piston to deck height. I have a C1 head to put on it so i'd like it to be able to rev a little bit.

After a little research i'm finding eagle rods are only spec'd to 7500 RPM
and the Crower are spec'd to 8500 RPM but cost more than twice as much, i'd rather have the higher spec'd Rods. Anyone know of any other alternatives out there?

Pistons, i'm seeing wiesco and JE but i'm not seeing much with the 84mm bore, anyone know of anyone else out there that's making honda pistons?

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